Who Are We?

When C.W. Charles started hauling goods in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1919 the sound of truck engines symbolized the beginning of a new era in transportation.


In the industry

Hauling whales to wood chips, Arrow trucks have crisscrossed the North American landscape for over 100 years.

We have been integral in supporting the industrial engine of our economy. Building dams, supplying mines, mills, smelters and factories, Arrow people and equipment have had an impact.

Leading The Way


Today Arrow is leading the way in developing service focused transportation solutions by working with a broad range of customers, hauling a wider variety of products, and expanding our presence throughout Canada and the United States.


We are developing productive relationships with First Nations communities, government agencies and educational institutions.

We continue to build long-term contracts with customers who value service, environmental responsibility and employee systems as well as competitive pricing. With hundreds of people working in transportation and distribution, reloads and materials handling, manufacturing and support services, we are known as a company that focuses on high quality transportation solutions at very competitive rates.