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Milestone Achievement Award

Arrow Transportation Systems. Inc.

Honored for achieving an institutional milestone for their unique relationship with TRU. Their collective efforts and contribution, through research projects, mentorship, philanthropy, volunteerism and hiring practices have positively affect the lives goals of TRU students and alumni.

Arrow Transportation Systems Inc. has played an integral part of providing learning opportunities outside the classroom that ultimately impact the career success of students and alumni.

Growth, entrepreneurial thinking and striving for high-quality solutions have been the catalyst for this mutually beneficial and unique relationship. Expanding markets and the need to build new and innovative software have generated research partnerships with students and alumni from the Faculty of Science.

Arrow’s hiring practices reflect their commitment to TRU and the community at large, hiring alumni and students from trades and technology, business, IT and arts programs. They also provide co-operative education experiences for students and offer employment and training opportunities.

In addition, Arrow Transportation provides financial support in the form of both corporate and employee contributions as well as scholarship development value at over $77,000. They are dedicated to providing support through mentorship and volunteerism. Their staff has volunteered upwards of 400 hours as career mentors to support student success.

The company gives back to the community on a multitude of levels and TRU is just one of the benefactors.



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