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Road realignment on East Shuswap Road in Kamloops, BC. Services included clearing and grubbing of trees and light brush; stripping of organic materials; removal of existing asphalt; earthworks for the new road alignment; placement of granular road structure; placement of asphalt; installation of Concrete Roadside Barrier (CRB); line painting.
East Shushwap Road Project, Clearing and grubbing of trees, stripping organic materials, removal of asphalt, road alignment, road placement, placement of concrete roadside barrier, line painting
WRSA collection ditch upgrade, removal and re-installation of culvert, re-grading of mine road

WRSA: Collection Ditch Upgrade

Re-building a 1,310m length of the WRSA Collection Ditch channel, including the removal and re-installation of an existing culvert, removal of two existing culverts and installation of a new culvert across the Mine Access Road to the WRSA Collection Ditch, and re-grading of the Mine Access Road to convey flow to the new culvert.

Chilliwack Bulk Plant: Site Remediation & Closure

Complete a locate of underground utility services. Remove and dispose of fencing and underground utilities. Remove and dispose of water and/or product, if present, from the oil/water separator (OWS). Demolition and disposal of concrete pads, 2 concrete barricades and 5 bollards. Remove and dispose of underground fuel distribution infrastructures, including a catch basin and OWS.

East Dam Toe Drain project

East Dam Toe Drain Extensions

Construction of a toe drain at the north end of the East Dam at Copper Mountain Mine. Install and maintain a dam seepage diversion for the duration of construction (24/7 for 1 month). Excavate to embankment while design grades for drain construction. Haul and place backfill using various methods and material types in layers to the desired design limits.