Site Remediation & Closure


Parkland Corporation

Project Manager

Brook Webster

Project Manager Contact (250) 571-6075



Completion date

August 2022

Project Award Date

April 2022

Project Details

Complete a locate of underground utility services. Remove and dispose of fencing and underground utilities. Remove and dispose of water and/or product, if present, from the oil/water separator (OWS). Demolition and disposal of concrete pads, 2 concrete barricades and 5 bollards. Remove and dispose of underground fuel distribution infrastructures, including a catch basin and OWS. Complete test pitting, test pits backfilled with on site material. Return to site after 48 hours to excavate, remove, and dispose of impacted material based on testing results. Provide clean material (well graded sand and gravel) to backfill the excavation to grade.

Project Services and Scope

  • Site remediation
  • Reclamation
  • Contaminated soils management
  • Civil construction
  • General earthworks

Leveraging Arrow Group Capabilities