East Dam Toe Collector

Stage 2


Copper Mountain Mine

Project Manager

Brook Webster

Project Manager Contact

bwebster@arrow.ca, (250) 571-6075


Copper Mountain Mine

Completion date

August 2022

Project Award Date

May 2022

Project Details

Construction of a collector trench at the base of the East Dam at Copper Mountain Mine. Install and maintain a creek diversion for the duration of construction (24/7 for 2 months). Excavate to embankment while design grades for trench construction. Haul and Place different material types to design grades to prepare for the bitumen liner installation. Backfill using various methods and material types in layers over the liner.

Project Services and Scope

  • Excavation of trench to design elevation.
  • Backfill of trench to designed elevation with different types of aggregates in layers.
  • By-pass pumping and water management.
  • Managing all environmental plans and keeping in compliance with the environmental management plans set out by CMM.
  • Managing survey for this project including supply of as-builts.
  • Staying within all safety guidelines set out by CMM.
  • Supplying survey as-builds and turnover packages during the course and after the work scope has been completed.
  • Supply trucks for the aggregate haul from security to job site.
  • Provide daily reports and quality control documents for the engineer of record.

Leveraging Arrow Group Capabilities