Harris and Glenmore Development Recreational Facility and Site Preparation for Housing Development


Matsqui First Nation

Project Manager

Jeff Mayer

Project Manager Contact, (778) 694-4560


Matsqui IR2 (near Abbotsford)

Completion date

April 2020

Project Award Date

April 2018

Project Details

Matsqui First Nation (MFN) is planning to redevelop a 25-acre parcel of land into a recreational facility (baseball diamond) and 18 residential lots for future development. The land is located on the northwest corner of Harris Road and Glenmore Road, on Matsqui IR2 (adjacent to the City of Abbotsford). The site is on a floodplain and requires floodproofing prior to development.

Project Services and Scope

Arrowhead is working with MFN to repurpose underutilized lands into a sports field and potential future housing development. Project development services Arrowhead is providing include:

  • Third party conceptual design of the sports field and residential development
  • Placement and compaction of fill material to elevate existing grade to create a usable land development footprint
  • Intersection and site access design

Leveraging Arrow Group Capabilities