Copper Mountain Mine

Project Manager

Brook Webster

Project Manager Contact

bwebster@arrow.ca, (250) 571-6075



Completion date

May 2022

Project Award Date

October 2021

Project Details

Re-building a 1,310m length of the WRSA Collection Ditch channel, including the removal and re-installation of an existing culvert, removal of two existing culverts and installation of a new culvert across the Mine Access Road to the WRSA Collection Ditch, and re-grading of the Mine Access Road to convey flow to the new culvert.

Project Services and Scope

  • Establish temporary water management of existing flows within the channel to facilitate construction activities in the dry
  • Remove existing channel rip-rap and rip-rap transition fills in a method that enables re-use of the fills
  • Excavate the channel to the new design lines, which included re-sloping to 2H:1V. Additional clearing and grubbing
  • Prepare channel foundation
  • Re-establish elevation, minimum dimensions, and grade of the channel foundation
  • Fill low spots with liner bedding
  • Establish French Drains out of rip-rap transition fill and construct a revised liner tie in trench
  • Place liner bedding, liner, rip-rap and rip rap transition fills
  • Re-establish flow into the completed channel
  • Excavate and remove existing culverts, place liner bedding and liner beneath culvert and re-install and backfill around new culvert
  • Re-grade Copper Mountain Road and re-establish and re-grade Mine Access Road and ditch

Leveraging Arrow Group Capabilities