About Us

Residuals management for municipal and industrial residuals
producers across British Columbia.

Arrow Environmental Services delivers customized and turnkey residuals management solutions to residuals producers and users across British Columbia.

We help our customers meet their waste-reduction and circular-economy goals and commitments, handling multiple residuals streams to produce beneficial end-use products for reclamation, horticulture, and agriculture.

The cost-effective and innovative residuals management solutions we deliver are possible thanks to our ability to combine the products, services, and capabilities of divisions across the Arrow Group of Companies.

Our parent company, Arrow, and its affiliated businesses are leaders in bulk commodity hauling, reload operations, soils products, reclamation and earthworks, civil construction, and technology. We own and operate soil fabrication and composting facilities, and also operate facilities on behalf of our customers.

What Are

Residuals refer to materials generated from municipal, commercial, and industrial processes.

A large portion of residual materials often end up in landfills and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Arrow reduces resource waste by processing residuals to produce nutrient-rich products.

Soil fabrication

What We Handle

Municipal Residuals:

Yard Waste
Residential Organics
Garden Waste
Food Waste
Municipal Organics
Yard Waste
Yard Waste

Industrial Residuals:

Food Waste
Pulp and Paper
Wood Fibre

Why Work With Us?

Reduce GHG emissions and improve carbon capture in soil.

Divert waste from landfills.

Increase soil quality and productivity.

Improve carbon capture in soil.

Ensure Indigenous support and participation on your project.

Benefit from Arrow group products, services, and capabilities.

Work with a trusted and experienced partner.

Achieve circular-economy and zero waste targets.

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