Corporate Responsibility

Commitment to Integrating Sustainable Business Principles and Practices



This responsibility is a social responsibility, but also a business imperative.

 Without thriving communities with strong infrastructures, we cannot run a successful business. We partner with our employees, customers, local organizations and all stakeholders to help build our communities and improve quality of life wherever we do business. We invest in our communities by growing local roots, hiring locally whenever possible, and supporting community projects and organizations.


At Arrow we are committed to integrating sustainable business principles and practices into all aspects of our company in a sensible manner whilst providing high quality transportation, materials handling and specialized services to satisfied customers. Our Corporate Responsibility goals are governed by our Core Values and the responsibility we have to all our stakeholders to create long-term value.


Our sustainability roadmap is integrated into every aspect of our business. For more information around sustainability, please reach out to our Manager of Sustainability, Jacob Adams, at


Green Marine

Green Marine is the leading environmental certification program for North America’s maritime industry. It is a voluntary initiative that helps its participants to improve their environmental performance beyond regulations. Green Marine targets key environmental issues related to air, water and soil quality, and community relations.

Arrow Marine Services Ltd. is a proud member of Green Marine.


We look inward at our responsibilities to our employees, particularly with regard to the morale and effectiveness of our team, health and wellness, support and development.

Workplace Wellness

As part of our commitment to Corporate Responsibility, we have implemented a Workplace Wellness Program.

Our goal with this program is to provide our entire workforce with support in adopting and sustaining behaviors that reduce health risks, improve quality of life and enhance personal effectiveness. As we all know, health encompasses not only the physical aspects but also emotional and social aspects.

We have a Wellness Committee whose role is to generate ideas, create direction and plan program strategies. The Committee serves as the communication link with our workforce: facilitating their input into the process as well as making sure that everyone is informed of progress and developments.


We support the vitality of the communities in which we live and do business, with emphasis on charitable and volunteering initiatives


Charitable-Giving---PolicyCharitable Giving Policy
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Arrow Gold

Arrow Gold is an employer-supported volunteering program available to all full-time Arrow Group of Companies employees, lease operators, and lease operator drivers.


We recognize the impact our business and industry have on the environment, and prioritize reducing the carbon emissions associated with our operations.

Environmental-Policy-StatementEnvironmental Policy Statement

Economic Health

We balance the requirement of positioning our business to grow and prosper economically over the long-term with supporting the economic health of our community.