We operate multiple distribution facilities across North America providing a wide range of truck and rail solutions. We’ve developed our facilities to extend the reach of rail service to customers not directly served by a railway.

Our transload facilities increase railcar velocity; they are used to store inventory, provide value-added services, and originate and terminate rail and truck volume.

2.Value Added



Due to cost advantages, the facility operator is sometimes in a position to offer customized services for shipping customers. Arrow Reload can provide its lumber customers with bar coding, half packing, customer cutting, wrapping and re-classification.

We also offer end-capping and container stuffing and destuffing for tubular shipping, and rig mat manufacturing for the oil fields. We will always evaluate your needs and determine if we can offer a value added service that will fit your business.

3. Inventory


Arrow has developed detailed product management processes specific to the needs of each of our customers.

Our multidisciplinary team is able to identify the specific processes that need to be followed; this may involve manual checking, digital monitoring and surveillance of loads, blind tallying and effective yard management.

Through our partnership with Streamline Technologies, we have developed industry-leading computerized inventory management software and back-office solutions to support our customers.