At Arrow, Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility



Our employees and lease operators are the heart and soul of our organization. They are our most valuable resource. Ensuring our employees are trained, engaged, and able to utilize their skills and strengths, is a must for our viability as a business.

We are proud that our safety performance, both over-the-road and occupational health and safety, is one of the best in the industry. We’re widely recognized as a company that follows high ethical and regulatory standards, retains the best-trained professional drivers, operators and employees in the transportation and materials handling sector, and operates the safest and best maintained equipment. We ensure the highest safety standards are met at our sites every day. Simply put, sub-standard safety performance is not acceptable.

At Arrow, we do not expect our customers or the public to put their trust in a company that delivers sub-standard safety performance. For all of us, a strong commitment to continuous improvement in health & safety is a core value at Arrow.

Corporate Safety Message

Our Core



At Arrow we take pride in services, products and systems that facilitate the sustainable mobility of goods. We are dedicated to continuously protecting our employees from occupational illnesses and work-related incidents.

We believe in promoting overall organization health and wellness.

Safety Training


All employees, lease operators and sub-contractors must meet the requirements of our orientation standards. Beginning with a complete review of our general and safety expectations, all policies and standards are clearly communicated.

Employees, drivers and operators are thoroughly evaluated and trained. Ranging from general conduct, injury, collision and damage mitigation, to fitness for duty and equipment maintenance our policies and practices are the key to our effective Safety Management System.

A detailed suite of training and education programs encompassing initial, recurrent and remedial training is the cornerstone of benefiting from the lessons learned should an unplanned downgrading event occur.

Arrow Transportation truck and trailer with load of lumber

Safety Performance


We know it’s our well trained and knowledgeable people that make the difference in all aspects of our operations. We are committed to provide safe and healthy workplaces, reliable and well maintained equipment for our employees, lease operators and contractors.

All levels of the management team, employees, lease operators and their drivers, and sub-contractors, are individually and collectively accountable for Arrow’s over-the-road and occupational health and safety performance. It is the responsibility of management to lead and engage the workforce in meeting our health, safety and environmental sustainability targets.

Safety plans are developed from regular and systematic evaluations on quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis. Incremental and continuous improvement in our processes is achieved through this ongoing measurement and two-way feedback.

On-board Monitoring


Our sophisticated electronic on-board monitoring systems record both driver and vehicle safety performance through sensor feedback. This allows us to track and review safety performance parameters as it unfolds during the course of a workday. Division supervisory staff can provide immediate feedback to drivers operating over-the-road equipment at any time through the on-board system. Immediate feedback is favourable in providing positive behavior modification. On-board computer monitoring and equipment diagnostics is an effective tool used at Arrow to meet and exceed both regulatory and company safety & compliance expectations. For more information on our technology systems.

Recognition Programs: