Arrow is an industry leading transportation, distribution and materials handling organization.

Today Arrow is leading the way in developing service focused transportation solutions by working with a broad range of customers, hauling a wider variety of products, and expanding our presence throughout Canada and the United States.

Bulk Services

Offering mid to large-scale services to industrial customers across Western Canada, our fleet of pneumatic tankers specializes in transportation from rail siding and large industrial facilities, delivering to mine sites,  plants, mills and remote oilfield sites. Comprised of high and medium cube Super-B and tri-axle trailers, our extensive fleet also includes tandem and tri-drive tractors. All operators are oilfield trained and certified with extensive experience in harsh conditions and our in-house mechanical shop ensures fleet reliability and integrity.

Commodities handled include: polymers, lime, cement, barite, bentonite, calcium chloride, industrial salt and other materials. 

Flat Decks

Our large fleet of flat deck trailers support our distribution facilities and stand-alone operations. We have multi axle trailer configurations, flat decks, step decks, trombones and many other units available on contract and spot volume basis.

Specialized Services

Customized or specialized services offered include container stuffing and destuffing, minor manufacturing, brokering, freight management, dimensional load shipping, software development, logistics management, consulting services and product sales.

Facility Management

We operate multiple distribution facilities across North America providing a wide range of truck and rail solutions. We’ve developed our facilities to extend the reach of rail service to customers not directly served by a railway. Our transload facilities increase railcar velocity; they are used to store inventory, provide value-added services, and originate and terminate rail and truck volume.

Value-Added Services

Due to cost advantages, the facility operator is sometimes in a position to offer customized services for shipping customers. Arrow Reload can provide its lumber customers with bar coding, half packing, customer cutting, wrapping and re-classification. We also offer end-capping and container stuffing and destuffing for tubular shipping, and rig mat manufacturing for the oil fields. We will always evaluate your needs and determine if we can offer a value added service that will fit your business.

Inventory Management

Arrow has developed detailed product management processes specific to the needs of each of our customers. Our multidisciplinary team is able to identify the specific processes that need to be followed; this may involve manual checking, digital monitoring and surveillance of loads, blind tallying and effective yard management.

Through our partnership with Streamline Technologies, we have developed industry-leading computerized inventory management software and back-office solutions to support our customers.

Whether products require transportation from source to site or a more complex logistics solution complete with value added services, our mission is to keep our customers satisfied.  We work with shipping customers, receivers and our rail partners to find transportation and distribution solutions for you.  Our expertise ranges from large dimensional heavy equipment to a single truck or railcar of product.

Arrow Reload operates multiple facilities in Canada and the US and handles a wide variety of commodities and value added services.  Utilizing industry-leading technology, we are committed to helping companies take full advantage of the company’s network reach to get shipments delivered on time and damage-free.  Arrow Reload’s passion for continuous improvement, innovation and focus on speed and reliability, drive a level of performance that is unprecedented.

We handle over 60 different products and are able to design transportation and handling solutions to meet your specific needs.  The combination of specialized equipment and control of the transport flow ensures a premium service to our customers.  We make it our business to know your business, tailoring our services to meet your specific business requirements.

For more information please contact:  
Bob Fink
General Manager, Arrow Logistics Solutions Alberta
(587) 983-0843
Bernie Szewczyk
General Manager, Arrow Logistics Solutions BC
(604) 688-9090 ext 6641

We provide customers with management and consulting support to help them design their transportation and logistics solutions. Arrow can help by brokering shipments, evaluating freight solutions, negotiating shipping contracts and building turnkey private fleet solutions.

Turn-key Solutions

We supply labour, facilities, operating capital, support services and management to meet all of your transportation or distribution needs. We offer all types of transportation services, and have done so for more than 95 years.

Product Brokering

We use our extensive array of contacts in the transportation industry to provide services to customers. At times, a dedicated solution in itself is not enough to minimize the overall transportation cost, and thus external support needs to be sourced. Arrow works with customers to find the best overall mix of services specific to the situation.

Private Fleets

In some instances, it makes sense for a customer to provide their own operating capital and brand the fleet solution under their own corporate banner. Arrow will provide all the services needed for such turnkey solutions.

Logistics Management

When the freight management solution is highly complex, customers often benefit by engaging a partner in the logistics management process. A logistics cycle encompasses all activities from raw material procurement, finished goods management, inventory management, product shipment and replenishment. Arrow supports customers in the design and management of logistics solutions across a variety of applications.

Consulting & Advisory Services

We provide consulting services to customers nationally and internationally on a variety of shipping and materials management issues. We also develop transportation reviews for mine or plant feasibility and funding support proposals. We work with government agencies and develop stakeholder reviews on customer specific issues.

We design complete transportation programs to be included in the transportation tender process, and assist in the evaluation and selection of service providers in a wide spectrum of businesses.

Streamline Transportation Technologies develops custom on-board computer and mobile device applications, inventory solutions, back-office systems and custom software for many applications.