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Logistics, Done Right

Arrow Logistics provides a combination of integrated asset management and third party logistics Solutions. As a freight forwarder, Arrow manages and executes every aspect of the distribution process, all while providing safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

We make it our business to know your business.

Why Arrow?

Business Network

Arrow’s network of contacts and diverse areas of expertise enables us to evaluate options quickly and create solutions that best fit customer requirements.

Point of Contact

A single shipment can require multiple transportation modes, let us be your point of contact. From procurement, negotiation of rates and booking to invoicing, we manage the entire distribution process until final delivery.

Cost Savings

Arrow Logistics achieves time and cost efficiencies by creating innovative strategies and shipping methods.

Contact Us

Let us take care of your logistical needs.

British Columbia
Bernie Szewczyk
Call: +1 (778) 994-7871

Bob Cruthers
Call: +1 (587) 985-7081


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