What We Handle

We handle a broad range of products to fit the needs of our North American customers.

Whether it is fibre, liquid or dry bulk, containerized products, steel, aggregates, waste, heavy haul, or a host of other products, Arrow can help tailor a solution that fits your needs.


Click on a heading below to view the different commodities that Arrow handles for each category:

Beam Bricks Cement Coil Flat Bar Geo Grid
Lumber Flat Bar Geo Grid Lumber OSB Pipe
Plate Plywood Rebar Round Bar Shingles Siding
Stone Structural Sucker Rod
Canola Condensate Crude Diesel Ethanol Fire Retardant
Gasoline Jet Fuel Magnesium Chloride Molten Sulphur Reclaimed Oil
Aggregates Biosolids Borax Cement Coal Copper Concentrate
Dried Distillers Grains Fertilizer Fly Ash Grains Lime Magnetite
Nickel Perlite Salt Sand Soil Solid Waste
Sulphur Wood Fibre Wood Pellets
Batteries Calcium Carbide Container DeStuffing Container Stuffing Drilling Mud Equipment
Fabric Rolls Ingots Logs Oil Field Mats Rail Wheel Sets
Wind Towers